Is your tennis court looking tired and worn?

Pro-line specialise in restoring tennis courts back to a first class condition.

Our expertise is in the cleaning, colour coating and lining of sports surfaces.

We are pleased to be able to offer the following sevices:

1. Pressure cleaning : A high powered pressure clean to remove moss,lichen,dirt and algae not only from the surface but within to prevent your court from starting to have fretting areas and restore drainage and the courts grip.This takes two days to do properly other companys may clean a court in one day this i believe not to be possible as cleaning and any repair are the MOST important

2. Full fungicide treatment : After cleaning and repairs we apply a full moss and algae treatment to the surface to help prevent winter damage this should happen every year.A biodegradable solution for removing moss,lichen and algae should be add around the Autumn time this would be ideal as it will help defend your court from the wet and cold winters we are having now.

3. Polyurethane court binder :The application of a polyurethane based binder coating is added,this action is taken to bind slightly fretted or open areas together it will help prolong the life of your tennis courts.This is strongly recommened on all macadam surfaces new and old.this product is applyed before colouring and not on it own.

4. Colour coating :Your court will then be colour coated,we apply three coats of paint,this will restore it to it`s orginal quality.We are able to provide a wide range of colours for you to choose,most popular being two-tone green.

5.lining:The lining of your court is carried out by hand and meets full LTA standards,this not only guarantees the quality of workmanship,but enables the lines to be straighter and more solid,these lines will last longer than lines that are taped or machined.We also offer netball,5 aside,basketball and other sports markings.

6.Resurfacing : If your tennis court is beginning to break up or has bad fretting areas then a resurface would be needed.There are different solutions all depending on how bad your tennis court is.   



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